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Business Owners - Financial Engineering, LLC

Financial Engineering, LLC

Geared to strengthen your future.

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New Jersey Business Owners Financial Planning

I help New Jersey Business Owners Maximize their Wealth using Advanced Tax & Financial Strategies for both their Business & Personal Finances.

"Know Your Savings Before You Agree to the Fee" How it works

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Want to find out more?

  • 15-Minute Conversaton

    Is there a true need and want to act on a plan.

  • Hour Long Discussion

    Here we discuss in detail your current financial situation and what strategies are in place.

  • Brief Assessment Time

    I assess the facts, wants and what strategies I can put in place for you.

  • Introductory Fee Presentation - No Commitment

    I review the strategies I discovered and you decide if you want to move forward, no commitment.

  • Put the Plan into ACTION

    We work together to put the plan into action & receive financial education as needed.

  • Yearly Fee Ongoing Service

    During the action phase we assess if you'd like an ongoing service. Tax laws, economy & finances change. Disciplined monitoring is the most important piece & most forgotten part.

  • Tax Strategies

    Reduce taxes based on company & personal situation, tax bracket management, investment tax loss harvesting etc.

  • Retirement Plans for business

    solo 401K, 401K, Roth, benefit plans etc.

  • Health Insurance

    Spouses insurance, your own insurance, HSA for future planning etc.

  • Investment advice & monitoring

    Business accounts and or personal accounts.

  • Life "Risk" Insurance

    Term, whole, universal. Business or personal.

  • Disciplined Financial Monitoring

    We work the plan continually & keep you informed now and into the future.

  • Financial Education

    If you understand your plan & become active in it's creation, watching your growth will be enriching.

Ready to start right away. Schedule a 15 minute virtual meeting that's convenient for you.

$3,000 Introductory Fee Description Letter

I am an Advisor who understands the automotive dealership world because I have over 20 years of experience as a CPA to automotive dealers in the Tri-state area. I have audited dealership books, prepared both company and owner tax returns & financial statements, and went through good and bad economic times in the industry. Schedule a 15-minute virtual meeting to see how I can help you.


Thank You & Congratulations

Glad to see you took action on behalf of your finances !!!

We will add you to our subscription list and provide you with strategic & educational financial content.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Ken Gibbons, CPA & CPFA