Accounting Maintenace

Employers - Bookkeeping, account review, reconciliations.

Tax Return Preparation

Employer and Individual.


Review Balance Sheet & Income Statement, Ratio Analysis, Monthly Comparisons. Customized consultation program. Cash Flow & Exist Strategy.

Tax Planning

Employers & Employees - Review your present financial condition, create a customized tax plan and determine the best strategy to reduce tax and achieve your goals.

401K Investment Advise

With our ERISA complaint process we can provide advice or trade it for you service on your 401K account.

Retirement Plans

Review the company or sole operation and determine the plan(s) that best suits both you and your employee's needs.

Unqualified Retirement Plans

Add on another plan specifically for your highly valued employees and or attract new employees. Customize the plan the way you want it to attract and retain those employees.


"ASSETMARK" is our trusted investment provider with a multitude of investments and strategies available for every level of investor. We'll advise you based on your risk tolerance and goals.

Insurance Planning

We'll develop a plan for the unexpected part of life, so your loved ones are protected.

Estate Planning

We'll work with you and or your attorney to plan out the best legal strategy for you and your family.

Financial Planning

We'll create a plan based upon your unique needs and situation. Our new "RISA" questionnaire will help us build of plan especially for you.


RETIREMENT INCOME STYLE AWARENESS Take our free RISA questionnaire on the financial planning page. Financial Risk Preferences - Safety First or Probability, Commitment or Optionality. Retirement Concerns - Liquidity, Longevity, Lifestyle & Legacy. Implementation Preferences - Delegator, Collaborator, Validator & Self-Directed.

Financial Planning



You realize a need for financial assistance. Relax, we'll educate you along the way.


You create a list of financial wants, needs & fears; tagged to goals of 1, 3, 5 & 10+ years.


You start to feel better about the process & we provide the necessary financial assistance & education.


With our help, we create a spending budget & you provide us with your financial data.


We put together strategies, discuss them & you decide which way is best for you.


We implement the selected strategies on your behalf.


We monitor your progress together & update it as life or situations change.

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Your Benefits

Financial education along the way.

Tax reduction strategies.

Tax rate management planning.

Planning is based upon your unique needs, wants & fears.

Financial tools to measure & track the results.

Continuous monitoring of your financial health.

Flexibility as your life & business change.

Thank You & Congratulations

Glad to see you took action on behalf of your finances !!!

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Ken Gibbons, CPA & CPFA